The Eco Womb Tour RV


The New Eco Womb Tour Bus Sustainable Features...

  • 2001 Fleetwood Discovery (repurposed older model RV, no off-gassing)
  • Tiny Home on wheels at 37’ long, 8’ wide, with two slides, 350 sq. ft. total
  • Diesel Pusher, CAT 330 hp, 3126B, 6 cylinder 
  • Veggie Oil Conversion - can run on waste vegetable oil, straight virgin oil, biodiesel, or diesel
  • 90 gallon clean veggie oil tank, 50 gallon backup veggie oil tank, 30 gallon biodiesel start-up tank
  • 1000 watt solar system, Outback Flexmax60 charge controller, Outback Mate 3 with wifi enabled control and monitoring. Solar provided by De-Meter and installed by Urban Solar Group
  • Kitchen Composting
  • Berkley Water Filtration System
  • Bottle Brick Zero Waste System
  • No-VOC interior paints
  • LED interior lights and Bamboo lighting
  • Reclaimed wood from DRVA Wood Co.
  • Mango wood drop-leaf dining table
  • Couch materials made from recycled water bottles
  • Thrifted and repurposed furniture in living area
  • Hand built wooden bunk beds and desk in back bedroom
  • Certified Organic Mattresses by Savvy Rest
  • Outdoor rug made out of recycled bottles 
  • Future Renovations to new Tour Bus:
  • Recycled Paper Countertop in kitchen
  • Recycled Glass backsplash in kitchen
  • Sustainable FSC-Certified Hardwood and Cork flooring

The Original Eco Womb Tour RV
November 2010 - March 2016

  • 1994 Fleetwood Flair (repurposed older model RV, no off-gassing)
  • 32' long, 8' wide, 250 sq. ft. total
  • Diesel Pusher (engine is located in the rear, under the bed)
  • GMC 6.5 liter V8 Engine
  • 3 burner gas stove with oven
  • 6 cubic sq. ft fridge/freezer
  • Veggie Oil Conversion - Golden Fuel Systems Custom Installation
  • 90 gallon veggie oil tank and 18 gallon biodiesel tank
  • On-board fuel gathering and filtration system - grease (WVO) passes through a pre-filter, and three 10 micron filters  
  • Roof-top solar panels donated by Advanced Energy Systems provide power to the house batteries
  • Eco-friendly bus wrap printed with water-based inks by Geek Wraps
  • Bamboo flooring and Cork flooring by Build it Naturally
  • No-VOC paints used in interior
  • Paperstone (compressed recycled paper) countertop from Maine Green Building Supply
  • Deco-pas hand painted concrete bathroom counter, shower, and floor done by Eco Simplista
  • Hand-built wooden bunk beds 
  • Reclaimed wood dining table (organic coffee stained and No-VOC finished)
  • Organic cotton and wool mattresses from Cotton Cloud
  • Reclaimed hand built wooden furniture
  • Kitchen composting system
  • Berkey Water Filtration System
  • Bottle Brick Zero Waste System